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Course Overview

Data Science R Training London

Data Science is an arena of reconstruct unstructured data to a structured mode and confer it into knowledge. There are several tools and programming languages that are uses in this process, and R is one such effective and required programming language for this purpose. Data Science R Training is one such training program that will help you to learn R Programming for Data Science from basic to advance level. A prior knowledge of programming and concept of Big Data or data Science will help you get the most out of this training course. This training program will let you learn how to use variables, matrix, functions and other models of R programming required for Data Science. At advance level you learn to use R programming language in collaboration of Machine learning algorithm for Data Science.

Introduction to Data Science with R
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Importance of Data Science in today’s data-driven world
  • Applications of Data Science, Data Science lifecycle
  • What is Machine Learning, Big Data Hadoop, and Deep Learning
  • Introduction to R programming and RStudio
Data Exploration
Data Manipulation
Data Visualization
Introduction to Statistics
Machine Learning
Logistic Regression
Decision Trees and Random Forest
Unsupervised Learning
Association Rule Mining and Recommendation Engines
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Time Series Analysis
Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Naive Bayes
Text Mining
Case Studies


Mostly the computer professionals are the key target audience of this training program. But the newbie’s may also participate in this training, as well.
Our certification training programmes are delivered according to the standard of all the required certifications. Training is improved and customised to suit the student's technical background while ensuring they can manage the technical challenges and use their knowledge effectively in their professional life after the completion of this training and also sitting for the available certification exams. You can choose a training certification programme that best suits your schedule and reserve your spot early.
Small Groups & Flexible Class Schedules

Small, Collaborative Groups

With small groups of students, our instructors can work closely with each student.

Small Groups & Flexible Class Schedules

Flexible, Personalised Class Schedules

Our class schedules are flexible on weekdays, weekend, or evenings to suit your schedule.

Highly Skilled Instructors & Excellent Modern Lab Facilities

Skilled, Experienced Instructors

Our instructors follow a modified are personalized approach to engage students during class

Highly Skilled Instructors & Excellent Modern Lab Facilities

Modern, Hi-tech Lab Facilities

Our students can access our lab facilities anytime for practical experience during and after studies.

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