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Course Overview

Big Data Hadoop Training London

Big Data is a term that means a huge amount of data and Hadoop is an open source framework from Apache that is used to run applications on cluster. Without Big Data Hadoop training, you may learn a very little about Big Data processing. From this training, you will learn how Big Data is integrated with Hadoop. You will also learn the basic of Hadoop, Introduction of Hadoop Stack and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and how to use Map and Reduce process using Hadoop. After these basic techniques, this training program will take you to the topics like Scoop, PIG, YARN, Impala and Apache Hive technologies of Hadoop platform. You will also be able to learn design a real-world system using Hadoop platform, as well.


Big Data Hadoop

Introduction to Big Data
  • What is Big Data and where it is produced
  • Rise of Big Data
  • Compare Hadoop vs traditional systems
  • Limitations and Solutions of existing Data Analytics Architecture
  • Attributes of Big Data
  • Types of data
  • other technologies vs Big Data
Hadoop Architecture and HDFS
Hadoop Clusters and the Hadoop Ecosystem
Hadoop MapReduce Framework
MapReduce programs in Java
Hive and HiveQL
Apache SQOOP, Flume
NoSQL Databases
Oozie and Zookeeper


Usually programmers and computer engineers are more prone to participate in such training program. Particularly those who are willing to work more with Big Data with Hadoop ecosystem will find this as the most appropriate training program for them.
Our certification training programmes are delivered according to the standard of all the required certifications. Training is improved and customised to suit the student's technical background while ensuring they can manage the technical challenges and use their knowledge effectively in their professional life after the completion of this training and also sitting for the available certification exams. You can choose a training certification programme that best suits your schedule and reserve your spot early.
Small Groups & Flexible Class Schedules

Small, Collaborative Groups

With small groups of students, our instructors can work closely with each student.

Small Groups & Flexible Class Schedules

Flexible, Personalised Class Schedules

Our class schedules are flexible on weekdays, weekend, or evenings to suit your schedule.

Highly Skilled Instructors & Excellent Modern Lab Facilities

Skilled, Experienced Instructors

Our instructors follow a modified are personalized approach to engage students during class

Highly Skilled Instructors & Excellent Modern Lab Facilities

Modern, Hi-tech Lab Facilities

Our students can access our lab facilities anytime for practical experience during and after studies.

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